17 November 2008


Homework and essays written in the book used to be submitted for correction by the teacher.It is common knowledge that most assignments today are submitted online.Sometimes the student has to work in his/her group to complete a project.And of course,a deadline has to be met.When the language being used is English,there is no problem.But,when the chosen language happens to be an Indian language such as Kannada/Hindi/Telugu/Malayalam/Tamil,what does the student do?
Many of my students are in a dilemma when such a situation occurs.If you try to"copy and paste" the vernacular language onto a Word document or onto an email client,it does not copy.Many are frustrated by this attempt,because only the pictures selected get copied.
The best solution is to use the Google Indic Transliteration tool to write what you want in the language of your choice,and then,select all,copy and paste into new document on Google Docs,save it and share it with friends.You may invite your friends as collaborators so as to enable them to also edit the document online while on Chat in realtime and submit it to your teacher for approval.You can make your online project/assignment fetch you more marks by simply adding some relevant pictures or even an educational video from youtube or teachertube.Google Docs has these advantages and scores over a Microsoft Word document.
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