17 July 2009


It is not at all surprising that President Obama of the USA recently commented that the Indians perform better academically. Newspapers often carry articles of Indian children outperforming in Spelling Bees,Math Olympiads,Quizzes of every kind,particularly Science and Math. It is also common to see them do well in the IT,Biotechnology,Engineering,Healthcare and several other segments. Often the Indians are occupying positions of Management in MNC's. Many Indian startup's,particularly in the IT sector are flourishing. In spite of recession,most are able to sustain. Now,how is this possible?
How are Indians able to achieve this? Globally,Indians are being recognized as achievers,and now, many are becoming targets of racial attacks. Countries like Australia and America,find the Indian community making headways in the best of their universities,baging the best job offers,and making it to the top as CEO's,in their countries.
Several outsourcing companies have been setup in India,in places like Bangalore and Gurgaon, where the work is handled within the stipulated time,with the result that their own people are laid off.
So,what is it that makes the Indians tick? Academically,that is. The answer lies in Obama's speech that talks about Indian education.
"Their kids watch a lot less TV than our kids do, play a lot fewer video games, they are in the classroom a lot longer," Obama said amidst applause.
He continued to extol American parents to share the burden of education and gave the example of Indian parents willing to sacrifice for their children's education."You can't put the entire burden on a teacher. If you're not making sure your child does their homework, if you're not reading to them, instilling a sense of excellence and a thirst for knowledge in them, then they're not going to do very well, no matter how good your teacher is," he said.

Much emphasis is laid on having some form of education in a classroom atmosphere in India. Parents set aside a budget and plan for their children's education until at least a basic Degree. Among the economically weaker sections,it is often seen that the parents or the elder siblings will pitch in money by sacrificing on some essentials so as to provide quality education without breaks in the academic life. Clearly,education takes precedence over food and clothes or funding their own house. A visit to any Government school shows the enthusiasm of the students.
The video below shows Indian school students who go to a private school taking time off to teach those who cannot afford to go to mainstream schools the same syllabus that they are learning.

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