30 October 2007


Some children love drinking milk. certain others have to be forced to drink. Still others are allergic to milk. Now, we all have been told time and again that drinking milk is beneficial to the children, the aged, the pregnant and nursing mothers , the sick and the healthy. In other words, everybody needs mild to keep in good health. Vegetarian or non vegetarian, milk is consumed in some form or other by everyone. So, what is the nutritive value of milk?
The National Institute Of Nutrition has recommended a minimum of 300 gms of milk for children 1-3 years of age,
250 gms for 10-12 years children if they are vegetarian,
and 250 gms and 200 gms for the same age groups of non vegetarian children.
Milk is an ideal food since it is easily digestible, even by little children. It is highly nutritive since it contains proteins, minerals like calcium and phosphorus, vitamins such as vitamin A and D which are essential for growth and development. In addition it also contains lactose for energy.For more detailed information,
Pasteurization done with care does not remove the nutrients from milk.

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