12 May 2009


Integration of technology in the classroom is not limited only to PowerPoint presentations. Teachers who encourage the setting up and maintaining of class blogs are more in favour of it once they see the results.
Blogs are vehicles of self expression. Bloggers learn to express themselves in different words,and a different perspective. It gives insight into a person and the person learns to freely blog about issues that he is passionately wanting to communicate about.

The language improves greatly as also the style of writing. Vocabulary improves and essays written offline also show improvement in Grammar,Spelling and sentence construction.
Grades 6 and above can be allowed to update a class blog.Confidence levels improve and they love networking.
Having individual blogs becomes the next step and the students love positive comments and feedback,not just from family and friends,but also from students and teachers from across the world. They love leaving comments themselves on to other student blogs from around the world. Having a global audience makes them work harder and more passionately about everything.
A healthy competitive spirit surfaces to be the best blogger and the students use their time more effectively,learning to be part of the future generation that values social media and online learning.
Maintaining good blogs today is necessary.
Digital literacy adds value to a person.
The recently concluded 2009 Student Blogging Challenge by Edublogger had some wonderful entries. And below is a video made by one particular class that shares their thoughts on blogging.

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