19 May 2009


Youtube videos when embedded into a blog post add value to what you are writing about. A picture is worth a thousand words,but a video,...can put you in the hot seat literally. I was just seeing some pictures on a photo blog taken by my nephew as he piloted his plane,and then some videos taken from within the cockpit. So, guess which was more effective in giving me the true essence of the moment?
So also with a blog post or any website, it is more engaging when a video is embedded into it. So,how do we do it? Simple, really!
If you are using Blogger as your blogging platform follow the directions given. Go to the "layout" and click on the Add a gadget button on the top right. Look for the "Add a video" from youtube. Click on this and select the channel you want, or use the keyword option to get what you need, "preview" and click the "Save" button at the bottom right corner.
If you find the need to resize the video you just embedded,go back to the video on the youtube page and adjust the player.There is a small button at the end of the embed which says "Customize" when you mouse over it.Click on this and options are shown to resize the player and to choose the colour according to the blog skin of your blog/website. Make your choice and get the code for embed above it. Copy the code and embed as before. The ideal height and width ratio should be maintained. For Blogger,
resize the player by editing the object width="425" and height="350" fields at both the beginning and end of the embedded player code.

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