20 May 2009


PowerPoint presentations are a good audio-visual aid for anyone doing a presentation. Be it a business meeting, a sales presentation, a seminar or a classroom a speaker who uses a well made presentation will find that he builds up an instant and longer lasting rapport with his audience.
Creating a presentation that is effective and at once engaging is easy if you learn to use PowerPoint. An educator will find his students retain more knowledge when he has been part of a presentation for the said topic. And for longer time too. He will understand the basic concepts of difficult subject topics as well.
Many teachers as already discussed in previous posts do not take a keen interest in creating engaging presentations due to apathy or a lack of time. Some teachers have not bothered to learn to use these. There are several online courses that teach you the basics of PowerPoint. Anyone keen on learning will find the systematic approach to creating PowerPoint presentations by Wendy Russell,a guide with fun and interesting. You can subscribe and have the lessons emailed to you regularly.
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