02 March 2012

How To Get High Quality Textbooks For Less Money

Study guides and textbooks are a student's best friend. Every school has a prescribed textbook for each and every subject according to Grades. High school and college textbooks do not come cheap, and students often find it difficult to manage to get a copy of all prescribed textbooks for their course. Not all students are comfortable with the idea of sharing textbooks (3-4 students buy one and share), and the school library may not have enough copies or the particular textbook may already be borrowed by another student the day you need it. Having your personal copy of a prescribed textbook makes it easier for you to study whenever you want and refer to it anytime.
Bookstores selling textbooks may offer a discount once a year, but the ones you need may not be part of the offer. Can be a bit frustrating at times, isn't it? So, how does one find textbooks that one needs ? Without digging a hole in one's pocket.
Online stores such as Barnes and Noble have a good selection of all types of study material and that includes textbooks of every subject. One can choose from hardcover books, new or used but in very good condition. You also have a choice to rent out a textbook and then see whether to buy it or return it. Students that prefer to download textbooks onto their laptop or computer will find that they also have a wide variety of e-textbooks that can be used offline as well. Now, these can be bought online and a student can save money by using promotional codes from A student can save big money when buying textbooks and use it for other educational purposes.
E-textbooks are a popular choice as they are downloadable instantly and what's more you get discounts of upto 60 % off. You are allowed to try an e-textbook for 7 days absolutely free of cost before you decide to rent it or even buy. A free e-textbook application for PC and Mac called Nook Study is available which enables a student to be able to download a variety of textbooks at the click of a button and these textbooks can be used in offline mode as well. This is a huge money saver. Another interesting feature of the Nook Study is that a student can organize her coursework, with tools such as search, tag and highlights.
One can save upto 90 % on used textbooks. These are available in absolute good condition. Only those with the highest quality are made available to you.  If you have doubts, you can opt to rent out a used book and then choose to buy if you so desire. If you wish to rent a book, there are discounts on that too. To return a rented textbook, you just have to print the free shipping return label and send the book back before the due date.
Lab manuals, work books, and study guides in every subject are available too. A student can easily get all his textbooks at one store and make sure he gets the maximum discounts and save money. It is indeed a case of "buy more for less". What's more ? One can even sell the textbooks back to them once you are done with it. And that means you get quick cash. Making money again !

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