20 November 2007


Students in India are often influenced by the west. Jeans and t-shirt, KFC and Macdonald's all form part of this great influence. Many in their 20's and 30's also ape the west putting on an accent as well. Most of these are working in the BPO sector.
But, did you know that the west is also influenced by India and Indians? Yoga and spirituality, Indian curries, our Taj Mahal and of late our teachers who teach online are indispensable. Indians are a respected community anywhere in the world.They are known for their family values,culture, integrity. Many Indians today are the CEO's of large companies both in India and abroad. Indian women too occupy many top positions. Indian women also are the most beautiful as they have won many international beauty pageants.
This slideshow underlines the contribution of Indians in the world today.

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