20 September 2008


Podcasts are increasingly being used in the field of education.Several free websites allow you to upload your podcast and host it for free.Learners have a variety of topics to choose from and can download to their PC or Ipod.
Anyone having a PC,a microphone and high speed internet can be a podcaster.Professors and teachers can now create their own podcast channels for free and allow their students or anyone searching for that topic on the internet download it to their laptop or ipod and listen to the lecture when and where they want to.You do not have to know any technical stuff to create a podcast.Any beginner can sound professional, creating audio or video podcast.A digital camera with recording facility is necessary for creating a video podcast.The following websites are easy to use where you can create,manage and share podcasts.They also have a podcast library for you to choose podcasts for download.You can also let people buy your podcasts when they download from itunes.
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