03 October 2008


E-learning can be made fun ,easy and engaging for students of all ages,whatever the subject,taking advantage of technology and freely available resources on the internet.A good educator makes time to keep abreast of the new web 2.0 tools available and is successful in imparting knowledge that empowers a student and is most effective in upping grades.Whether the teaching is online or the classroom environment,or,on a 101 basis, a teacher can be as creative as he/she wants and feel the sense of accomplishment,all the better when the preparation time is cut as well.
Reading edublogs from across the globe regularly,assist a teacher in keeping up with the educator community,on the methods used for various subjects, the web tools being used,whether free or paid services,and learn from their experiences in order to be more effective without having to be experimental themselves. A very useful website from Paul Andrews highlights the use of free webtools a teacher can use or for that matter any student as well.Learning is enhanced using the links to websites and services related to teaching.

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