20 September 2009


The brain is one of the most important organs that must be utilized to the full. It is found that those who use their brains to perform activities that require thinking improves functions of the brain such as memory and attention spans with speed and accuracy. Elderly citizens also show marked improvement when they play games that require brain activity. Brain game activities that are available online can be utilized according to age and level . It is proved by researchers that people who engage in brain games do not suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer's, and sometimes there is a marked improvement in those who have it. Memory, speed , accuracy, lateral and analytical thinking all improve and one's mental skills show greater development. Aging brain cells are known to regenerate and multiply with increased brain activity. Students find such brain games extremely useful as they prepare for various exams. Entrance exams in order to qualify for admission to various higher education courses require one to be adept at mental skills which can be mastered by engaging in brain games every day.
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