18 February 2010


Students around the world are discovering the joys of creating , and communicating with their class blogs, and some have ventured into setting up their own personal blogs as well. And they love receiving comments from other students and teachers and simply anybody that reads them from across the globe. As some have discovered , it is not just about adding content and sharing their views and taking their projects online, it also needs enhancement in the form of photos, videos, slideshows, calenders, countdowns, forms, PowerPoint presentations, relevant to their choice of topic. Adding gadgets that are available for free from the internet not only enhances their blogs , but also gives them a chance to be creative. Depending on their relevance, gadgets can be fun, engaging and at once spark interest to a reader to stay on that blog/page for longer. The personality of the blogger comes through much better than if the blog had content alone.
For those using blogger as the blogging platform, there is a wide choice when you click on the Add A Gadget button.
Step 1. Go to the LAYOUT page.
Step 2. Click on the Add A Gadget button.
Step 3. The Basics Page opens up showing you a wide range of gadgets. Here you can choose to add a picture, video bar, slideshow, adda poll, a blog list that you enjoy reading, or simply add any gadget you choose from any other free website by copying and pasting the HTML code into the HTML/Javascript gadget.
You also have the option of choosing readymade gadgets on offer from a wide selection under Featured, Most Popular, & More Gadgets option given on the upper left of the Basics page.
Believe me, you will enjoy the selection each of those. The educational ones include clocks showing different time zones, dictionaries, wikipedia search, virtual pets, word a day, calculators, etc. And of course some games to add on to your blog.
And when you are done with that , you will most likely want to enter the Student Blogging Challenge. You can register your personal blogs here. And Good Luck! You not only have the chance to grab some eyeballs, and get some comments, you also get to read some of the finest student blogs from across the world using different blogging platforms. And do not forget to leave comments that will lead them to read your own blog as well. So begins collaboration and communication among students of different schools and colleges.
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tutorindex said...

Today’s students have turned into avid bloggers and these ‘gadgets’ will definitely make their blogs more interactive and interesting.


e40sam said...

More creative too!