16 February 2010

K-12 Educational Video Library

Educational videos are an excellent source of engaging and sometimes interactive learning material. Some of the free virtual libraries available online include free video tutorials , teachertube , learning made fun , one stop homeworkhelp and visual learning .
Salman Khan of Khan Academy has created exceptional videos for k-12 education. Not restricted to any one syllabus, the virtual library is available to students from across the globe, 24x7, FREE. With just a computer and a pen-tablet-mouse, he has created over a 1000 videos which are being used by students who can understand subject topics from Math and Science. Interestingly presented in conversational style, this non profit organization is set to be every academically challenged student's best friend. These videos can be accessed @ the khanacademy channel on youtube or  Salman Khan and his website have been conferred with the 2009 Tech Award In Education. Below is a sample of his video on Binomial Theorem.


Deepa Raman said...

good space..

NOBIAH said...

Science Fairs!
Get ready for this year's science fair with a MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field trip to Baylor University to meet Janice VanCleave, the author of dozen of books about science and science fair projects. Young grace (age 11) learns about what goes into making an award winning science fair project.

MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual Field Trips for Kids (
is a series of free educational video pod casts is directed at kids ages 7-12. Each three-minute episode includes links to fun websites, a list of recommended books and a Learning Corner of questions and extended activities about the topic.

zpop said...

A new website that offers the use of nearly 1,000 online K12 videos across Art, History, Music, Science, Biology, Geography, Social Sciences, Literature, Library Skills, Health and Wellbeing and more is the Zane Publishing website at

The main benefits here is that all of the content was specifically developed for the K12 curriculum and each of the 240 topics covered include a range of quality online interactive quizzes where the student can test themselves after using each video.