15 February 2010

How To Create Educational Videos Using Screencastomatic

Educators are able to produce creative educational videos in a number of ways. Some like to tutor online. Some like to capture what they are teaching on their computer screens and upload it on youtube or save it as mp4 or a movie. Being able to share what one teaches on one's computer, with students from around the world , apart from one's classroom is a trend we see becoming more explosive. Of course, elearning takes place in real time and also with the sharing of videos available to a student on demand. In short, students have the option to choose, according to convenience, and many tutors have been making educational videos to bring the best to the student.
Being able to capture one's computer screen as one teaches, simultaneously adding audio is important in creating a truly inspirational educational video, one that is engaging and free from disturbances. Several software are available such as camtasia for this purpose, but a free basic version of Screen-O-Matic works just fine, if one is to restrict the video to 10-15 minutes. Being able to adjust the screen size and having the options to upload it directly to youtube makes this easy for any tutor wanting to create educational videos,without any fuss. All you need is an email id and there is nothing to install. And you are ready to create!

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