25 January 2010


Innovative Educators are constantly looking for ways to use technology in classrooms around the world. Students are enjoying the fun ways of learning with the use of gadgets and online applications, and of course social networking sites.
Google Apps has on offer an Education edition for those educational institutions wanting to have their own intranet facility in addition. Any school or college can sign on for their own customary logo and use these apps among students, teachers, across subjects, classes, clubs, etc. Google Apps Education Edition offers a suite of useful applications as a cloud computing solution. Users can log on , share and collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world using a PC or an internet enabled mobile phone.

Google Apps Education Edition hosts a suite of collaboration and communication applications.

The Collaboration Apps include
Google Docs where you can share spreadsheets, word documents and presentations.
Google Sites where you can have personal, institutional or team websites searchable on Google.
Google Video Education version that gives users secure video sharing within your domain.

The Communication Apps include
Google Calender,
Gmail, and
Google Talk.
The best thing about this Google Apps Education Edition is that is FREE for all users.
You even get to host your own domain name,eg.,
And there is absolutely no advertising.
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Louise Goldstein said...

Google apps are increasingly being adopted by educational institutions it is a cost effective way to collaborate between staff and students. It will also get young people used to use cloud computing which is only set to become more popular.