10 April 2012

Top 3 Reasons For Enrolling Your Child In A Music Class

Parents rush to enrol their children in good schools to give them a strong foundation in academics. Most schools offer physical education and music education and spiritual classes. But, is it necessary for a child to be taught music? How does that help in the performance of academics?
If your school does not provide a chance to be in the choir, or to teach music, a musical instrument, chances are your child is missing out on something that will help in the all round development.
Reason #1: To enrol your child in a music program of his/her choice: Builds confidence. The child learns to play an instrument or sing on his own,and enjoys it. He loves being applauded too.
Reason #2: Music helps relaxation. Playing an instrument or singing gives pleasure as well as relaxes the mind, which is conducive to learning.
Reason #3: The sheer joy of making music will hold the child steadfast as he grows into an adult and well into his old age,as he faces the challenges of life.

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