08 May 2012

How To Set Up A Website In 3 Simple Steps

Having a website denotes professionalism. Setting one up is easy if you follow steps.
Before you go any further, you need to answer certain questions that will help you arrive at your decision.

  • What do you need a website for?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • And lastly, are you willing to spend?

Based on your answers yo the above, you can decide on whether you want to go with a free website or a paid website. You need not be intimidated if you are a total newbie, as there are several tutorial guides and youtube videos that help you through the process.
There are many options under the free category, such as Google sites and blogger, if you wish to blog. The only drawback is that your URL will appear as a sub domain. For example, if you are on blogger, you will see your URL as,and if you are on Google sites, it will show up as
All you need is a Gmail account that can be used to login.
Now, if you are willing to spend a little time and money to set up your website, and get targeted traffic to your website (after all, that is what you want your website up for in the first place), and make some decent money in the process, I would recommend you to set up a self-hosted website with word press. This will give you a greater control over all of your content, the way it appears, and using all the features to gain traffic.

3 Simple Steps to set up a Self-hosted Website

  1. Get a domain name with godaddy  
  2. Set up a hosting account with hostgator
  3. Finally, install Wordpress (
A domain name can cost you about $10. And a hosting account around $5 a month. This is but a small investment to enjoy the benefits of having a website. Now, you can add some great content on a regular basis, and feel good that you set up your very own website.You can optimize it and watch the traffic grow. With time, your investment would be negligible when compared to the earning potential of your website.

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