06 August 2012

How To Save Time On Narration While Easily Creating Slideshows

Excellent presentations are created by students for their assignments these days using PowerPoint. There are also teachers who strive hard to make their presentations engaging by asking questions that challenge the student's thinking. A great ppt presentation with appropriate videos and pictures is still incomplete if there is no one to explain it(some are exceptions,of course). There are several ways of doing this.
You can do the explanation while your viewers are engaged in the slideshow. This is possible if they are in the same room as you in real time. Now, if you wish to share this presentation with the world, you need to add a narration using the PowerPoint tools and a microphone. This is time consuming but, at the end of it, anyone viewing this slide presentation will be able to follow because of the supportive narration. This then can be shared on the web as a video using animoto or youtube. Now, there is an even easier way to add a narration on your slide presentation and turn it into a video. Simply, use slidespeech, a FREE software that allows you to add in your speaker notes. And the video is ready. When it is viewed, the text to speech feature will automatically play out the narration as well. Another advantage is that it can be used to collaborate online with other viewers using Google Docs. Languages other than English such as Italian, French, German, and even Asian languages such as Thai and Hindi are available as voices. Try it and use the comments box below to tell of how you used it. You can also add links to your slide presentations using this slidespeech. We will have some examples.


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