19 July 2009


Indian parents inculcate academic discipline in their children right from the very beginning. At the age of 2 1/2, he/she is admitted to the preschool,where they learn rhymes,alphabets,numbers, colours and shapes. Common vegetables and fruits, animals and birds are also being taught to identify. These preschools are meant to give the child a semblance of the real school for which they have to undergo an interview with parents where they will be quizzed on what they have learnt. The medium of instruction is English unless the parents prefer the local language. But, the majority settle for English. Rich or poor or middle class, the parents want the best education they can afford for their children. They will even make arrangements for tuitions in the evening if the child is not able to cope.But, all want their children to come first in the class or get an A +,in every subject. The dedication with which parents get their little ones ready for school ,drop them and pick them before they leave for work or come back is simply amazing.
And when the report card comes, both parents have their say.It is often noted that they reprimand the child to do even better and always reward for outstanding performance. Even the extended family and friends are aware of every child's progress and the desire to perform better is consciously instilled with encouragement.
The following video shows how Indian parents react on seeing their son's report card. Shown as part of a comedy serial,it gives an idea of how much the parents instigate the son to perform academically better all the while comparing him to somebody else's son. Very typical of Indian dads!

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