14 November 2008


 Edubloggers from around the world can be found at the International Edubloggers Directory.
Patricia Donaghy is the inspiration behind this venture.Starting January 2008,there are more than 450 members listed with a brief profile and a bit about what they write about in their edublog.The purpose of this site is to develop an up to date directory of edubloggers from around the world and provide an easy way to find out what other edubloggers are blogging about.
Excellent work,Patricia! PDonaghy also blogs about free educational resources for teachers and students.


PDonaghy said...

Hi Esther
Thanks for the mention and for joining the Directory! It continues to grow each day and is hopefully a useful resource for all those in education.

Have been enjoying reading your blog - lots of useful tips. I will be returning :-)

e40sam said...

Thanks Patricia for the encouragement.