18 November 2008


Indian scientists from ISRO(Indian Space Research
Organisation) are an elated lot having fulfilled a
dream,a dream belonging to the Indians-that of
independently launching Chandrayaan I and also
seeing the IndianTricolour on the moon Dr.APJ
Abdul Kalam,our previous President had suggested
that the Indian flag be set on the moon and it
was a moment waited for by all Indians,particularly
children as it was Children's Day(Nov 14 is
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday).Children
as well as adults have always been fascinated by
the earth's only natural satellite,namely,the moon.
Fairy tales revolve around it,and mothers lull their
little ones into sleep with lullabies of the moon.So,
the scientists proudly said,we promised the moon,
and we give it to the children today."
Watch the following videos to learn about Chandrayaan I.

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