25 July 2008


English language is the most spoken and a great means of communication globally. The Queen's English from Great Britain is by far the purest form of the language. Basic conversational skills are important for the success of any enterprise.Many adults and students find themselves learning to speak the English language,as they want their fluency to improve.Several online tutors are available to help you as also many English centres in your city.But,you can also opt for self study online.There are many courses to help one depending on what exactly one wants. Business English,basic English,advanced English,etc., are all offered.
The best website I came across, was the bbc website.
You will find everything here, from online learning to support and advice. Students can find literature help,vocabulary,grammar,books,poets and writers.Plenty of resource material is available for educators of English as well. Listening and writing skills can also be enhanced. In short,as long as one has the desire to learn the language, you can pursue it and then consciously put it into practice,so as to be the best in your field.

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