26 July 2008


Computers are the basic in this age of information technology.Many are adept at the use of computers depending on what thy use it for.Students are particularly finding it useful as they complete their projects in a given time frame whether they attend a regular school or do an course online. Many retired people and housewives are found just glued to their idiot boxes watching soaps that only serve to spoil their eyes and their thinking.Some have the inclination to learn and yet, they do not pursue learning to use the computers citing excuses.They will be better off if they make that effort to improve themselves and spend their valuable time in doing something useful for themselves and others.Some only want to check emails,see news,some want to watch faraway kids and grandkids on the webcam,and they depend on somebody to help them with basic stuff.I have seen many retired men and women putting to good use the computer and internet when their children are out at work. It takes a strong desire to want to keep abreast of the world and not go into depression watching the world go by. Basic computer courses are available online and free to use. Several tutorials also are available online,but the best is the bbc website which walks you through,depending on the kind of computer you have to work on. Basic internet beginners' course and how to make the ideal search is covered in this website.You form your own community on the web,and find newer hobbies online. And of course,your offline friends envy you and they also begin to learn.Suddenly, you realize that you are a part of that revolution called information technology,and you make your own contribution to society voicing your comments on a blog,or editing a wiki,or just uploading photos,videos or podcasts.

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