28 July 2008


Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is now known,is truly cosmopolitan.One finds people from various countries here all year round because of its pleasant climate and hospitable citizens.It is also called the garden city,the IT capital of India,BT(biotechnology) capital.Lakes and gardens are what makes this city beautiful.It has become a global destination for students,professionals,tourists and patients seeking health centres and good hospitals.Easy to find places, excellent connectivity by all modes of transport, world class hotels,pubs,restaurants and great cultural heritage all make this a stopover for tourists heading down south.Many software companies and outsourcing agencies work out of here.MNC's are located here.Global brands vie with local brands at the city's many malls.Most speak English and are helpful,but for a true Bangalore experience, you can learn some basic Kannada conversation,specially if you need to use public services.
Kannada is the mother tongue of Bangaloreans.Learning the language is a priority for those coming to work and most eventually end up settling here.It was always called the Pensioner's Paradise.Most MNC's located in this city hold courses in conversational Kannada for their employees.The other alternative would be to learn online.Just find a native to become fluent.The following websites will help you pick up the basics in conversational Kannada.
Kannada Conversation
Learn Kannada through English
Basic Kannada conversation
Total Kannada
Kannada for all
Kannada Dictionary

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