09 June 2009


Software created for making our work easier online is sold and some software is free to download and use. So,how do you learn to use the software you just downloaded. Perhaps you need help installing it on your PC/Laptop. Or perhaps you need a video tutorial or a manual to help understand the basic features. In time, you will learn to use all of the features,but being able to learn the basics require your time and patience. And then,come the tips and tricks that can be used to manipulate the software in creating what you finally want to achieve. The internet has lots of Tutorials,Video tutorials on sites such as youtube.User manuals are also available. Some are free and some are to be bought. But, the best ones are already online for free. Relevant searches made will give some very apt tutorials, or manuals which are easy to follow.Step by step wikis are also made available. Learning to use software to create more educational material is becoming increasingly easy. An amateur can easily learn a software use and apply it to create educational or learning material for his students or for other educators to buy from him. Flossmanuals have some excellent manuals that are free.They contain manuals for the use of several free software such as audacity,for audio recording and editing. Audacity can be used for creating podcasts or giving a voice-over to your slide presentations.
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