10 June 2009


Twitter is fast becoming the most favoured tool for many. Microblogging with just 140 characters or less,educators and businessmen worldwide are taking note of its ability to market your ideas,services and products like never before. And many have already begun taking advantage to increase revenue even during recession. Doctors are also connecting with their followers on twitter to educate them and keeping updates with their patient's progress.Twitter in the classroom explored the idea of teachers and professors using twitter in the classroom. Educators are increasingly able to communicate with their students effectively as they log onto the updates of their peers and teachers. Introverted students are also opening up and giving their feedback via tweets. Perceptions of their friends change for the better and they are more confident in using tools such as these.
Dr.Monica Rankin,a Professor of History shares her story of how she is successfully using twitter in the classroom in the following video.

Another teacher David Parry, from the same University shares his story of using twitter with his students.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use twitter in the classroom as given by academhack.
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