08 June 2009


Man is certainly a social animal,and he needs relationships in order to remain healthy in body,mind and spirit. Depression sets in when one remains alone for a long time with little or no outside influences. hobbies like photography and fishing keep one engaged in a meaningful passion. Similarly with playing a musical instrument,reading,cooking,baking or simply traveling makes one rejuvenated and refreshed. Having company of like minded friends or a family that appreciates is certainly a plus. So,what does one do when alone and BORED. Students easily get bored and need a change. Change is always welcome and some love having friends over for parties. Parties that are pre-planned or spur-of-the-moment parties are at once exciting and make everyone rekindle the zest for life. It is often the company that makes parties rock.
But, what if you were far away from your friends or simply want to have some fun rocking @ a party with your online friends. It would certainly be FUN if you could get all your friends to join you from all parts of the globe @ a given time for a VIRTUAL PARTY. All you need is a webcam! Lyla shows you How To Have A Virtual Party?

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