23 July 2008


Finishing schools promise would-be graduates a makeover to be industry ready.Spoken and written English,skillsets are enhanced to give a more rounded personality."Colleges must encourage free thought,"says T V Mohandas Pai who is Head of Education and training, at Infosys.His observations are as follows.
Freshers are recruited based on 4 factors.
  • High level learnability
  • Basic articulation skills
  • A pleasing personality
  • Knowledge of technology
A test is given to ascertain learnability.As for articulation skills,only 40-50% are able to present properly in front of a group.Grooming skills are necessary.For tech domain, they are to undergo a 16-week program.
Our students are into rote learning,and know nothing about problem solving.Skills related to problem solving in business are necessary.
Most of the students are docile,they must be told what to do,and they will not ask.They do not ask questions to find out what they must do to solve problems.
50-60% lack confidence.Probably because of their background.Since they must work in global companies and in global workplaces, they are trained at a state-of-the-art campus in Mysore and hi-tech offices,so that they will be comfortable working in global workplaces with clients.
Colleges must encourage to think and argue on a variety of subjects.Participation in extracurricular activities must be encouraged as the students learn to socialize and get along with others.Debates allow to think while essay writing teaches you to organize your thoughts and write them down in a structured manner.Drawing and painting make you creative, making you think laterally.Plays teach you to understand human emotions,and develop empathy. A good manager must possess all these.Reading books also teaches about human life,which is emotion and sensitivity.
Sports teaches students how to compete and how to be team members and how to handle victory or defeat.Sports reflect life.
Debates,essay writing,drawing,literature,painting,reading books and taking part in plays all prepare you for a wonderful career and most importantly you end up becoming a good personality.

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