22 July 2008


Twins are always fun to watch.In Helsinki,my daughter had the pleasure of watching several pairs of twins come in for competitions at a famous mall.
A great many myths are attached to pairs of twins and what they like and dislike,apart from feelings and emotions.On Sunday, we saw a pair of 2 year old twin girls at church.We could not resist asking the mother questions that always intrigued us.

1.Do you always dress them similarly?
#No,we want them to be different.(They were wearing different colours as well.)
2.Do they prefer toys of same colour?
They have to have toys of the same colour or else there will be a fight.They do not like to share.
3.Does the other get hurt if we pinch one?
#No such thing,but if one catches cold, the other also will, because they will be together all the time and this happens with other siblings as well.
The mother also told us that her brothers were also twins and that they also were like this-individualistic.
Another two pairs of female twins we meet quite often are individualistic as well.Very, very different personalities indeed!I have a pair of twin cousins-one is a man and the other a woman.They are very,very different in every way.Nonidentical all the way!

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