21 July 2008


The use of technology in teaching is being increasingly welcomed globally.Even remote villages in India are being hooked on to the internet to be taught by teachers from city schools which take it up as a project.This is definitely a welcome sign considering that today,some farmers' children are found working in software companies as engineers and also as doctors.Some have gone abroad for higher studies and are doing very well.Some of them come back to help set up a school or college in their village and improve their village considerably.Corporates are increasingly adopting a school or village wherein they teach good habits of hygiene, for a few hours each week.A few software engineers and bank staff that I met recently confirmed that though it was entirely voluntary, all members looked forward to this as an opportunity to give back to the society.They felt a sense of accomplishment every time they saw the report card of a child they have been sponsoring and shared in the joy of the villagers when a few children passed the X grade.
There are many universities today that offer online courses much like the correspondence courses offered earlier.IGNOU(Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one of India's best and today they have even lectures on video available on the youtube channel. It is the largest mega university of the democratic world.
Today, it serves the educational aspirations of nearly 1.8 million students in India and 32 other countries through twenty-one Schools of Study and a network of 58 regional centers, more than 1804 study centers/tele-learning centers and around 46 overseas centers.
Girl students are being encouraged to opt for higher studies since it has been seen through decades that girls always outbeat boys at every level,be it X grade(SS LC)or XII Grade(PUC).It has been seen that,of late childless couples are more open to the idea of adoption,and a girl child at that.There is a broadmindedness towards female students and colleagues since the past few years.In fact,a survey conducted last year showed that girls were the preferred candidates for selection at placement interviews for MBA's.Women are increasingly found occupying places of leadership in many corporates and are respected for their consistency,perseverance and integrity.We see a good many entrepreneur women doing extremely well in their chosen field.Scholarships are awarded to the deserving single girl child to pursue a Master's degree.Bicycles are distributed to the 8th grade girl students by the government to enable them to get to school from their villages.Girls are certainly a favoured lot these days.Women also get certain tax exemptions and benefits as an entrepreneur.

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