16 July 2008


Google Trends is a new tool from Google Labs and one can get comparative trends of searches made in any category on Google search.Since I am interested in tutors, online tutoring and homeworkhelp,I ran a search volume index of the said terms.And I found that there is an ever increasing search made for tutors rather than just homework or homeworkhelp.
See the graph below.

Searches Websites
homeworkhelp homework tutor online tutor

Rank by
Students, Parents Rebel As Summer Homework Assigned
NBC - Aug 24 2004
Student Who Sues Over Homework Loses Round In Court
NBC - Jan 27 2005
Judge Flunks Lawsuit Over Summer Homework - Mar 10 2005
Poll: Adults Scoff at Homework Gripes
Newsday - Feb 7 2006
Knox County Election Administrator: "Voters need to do their homework."
WBIR-TV - Nov 1 2006
Canadian kids need a break from homework in early years and on holidays: expert
570 News - Apr 1 2008

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1. Pakistan

2. India

3. Malaysia

4. Philippines

5. Indonesia

6. Hong Kong

7. Singapore

8. South Africa

9. Peru

10. New Zealand

1. Chennai, India

2. Bangalore, India

3. Delhi, India

4. Mumbai, India

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

6. Jakarta, Indonesia

7. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

8. Singapore, Singapore

9. Vancouver, Canada

10. Auckland, New Zealand

1. Indonesian

2. English

3. Thai

4. Italian

5. Spanish

6. Portuguese

7. Chinese

8. Dutch

9. German

10. French

So, teachers and wannabe tutors are welcome to join the community.All it takes is a passion for teaching.You can choose your level of comfort with respect to the curriculum ,subject and age of students.Remember teaching sells whether it is academics,languages,art,dance,cookery, flower arrangement,personality,etiquette,interior decoration,to name a few.Whatever skill sets you possess can be marketed effectively and there are takers in every field. So while you teach someone,you earn and also learn that which you always wanted to.Life styles are fast changing and it is wise to equip yourself with new skill sets as you move along.Satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment makes you a happier person.

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