10 July 2008


Speed, accuracy and real time interaction for teachers and students is available today either free or inexpensively, because of technology.Virtual classrooms are being setup and online tutors are being recruited from all parts of the globe. Universities are offering online courses and many are benefiting out of all this.One can learn as well as teach online today.I have come across several who tutor a particular subject that they are good at, and they also learn conversational English from another tutor.
Schools in America,are experimenting a no-books classroom environment wherein laptops are handed out for assignments in the classroom. Interactives and multimedia is increasingly being used in engaging young minds for a better understanding of subject matter.Textbooks and the need for paper and stationary items is done away with altogether.In some cases, schools are not necessary either.Students love playing video games and when provided with animated education software to complete math assignments, they are elated.
Students receive laptops at the start of each day, returning them at the end.Teachers and students maintain blogs. Staff and parents chat on instant messaging software. Assignments are submitted through electronic "drop boxes" on the school's Web site.Classwork is done in Google Inc's free applications like Google Docs, or Apple's iMovie and specialized educational software like FASTT Math.
International schools in India use multimedia presentations and allow students to email their assignments. Parents are requested to follow their child's progress at the school's website.Teachers are available online 24x7 for student related queries.
Education has taken on a whole new perspective with the use of technology to reach students anywhere. It is the duty of every teacher to adapt to new applications and keep abreast of the ever changing technology. An enthusiastic teacher with a passion for use of technology in education will never be left behind.Her students will value her teaching and retain all that was taught.

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