02 June 2008

Videos and interactives used to support learning at home and school are increasingly catching up. Students and parents are becoming increasingly aware of the possibilities of using their home computer and internet connection to the full. Children are often found playing games on the computer and chatting with friends and little else. A science project or a presentation for class is the only other time they willingly use the computer. A friend who emails answers for today's homework is most sought. Computer classes in schools follow outdated material for a syllabus. Even pre-schoolers have a great variety these days with regarding audio books,animated stories,animated rhymes,interactives,learning shapes,colours and of course, alphabets. These are being made in English,Hindi and Kannada languages and are available in various bookstores as DVD's and CD's. Some are of high quality and some are mediocre. But, all are finding takers. Some of these have found their way onto youtube. Most are copyrighted. One very interesting and truly engaging website that I found was which requires a FREE signup for you to view Free versions of all on their site itself.

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