08 June 2008


Inflation is at an all time high,at 8.1%. Knowing what this means is essential for a student of high school. Being taught about the services a bank has to offer is not enough. Almost every student today is not only aware but also operates his own bank account as most schools have an extension counter on their premises. Pocket money has to be managed judiciously. Money management is extremely important.
Mathematics is essential for every student,atleast till the 10th standard. I often give examples for my students to understand why they need to learn all about numbers. Some students are averse to numbers and therefore dread maths. And I find that in today's scenario, choices are many, regarding financial products,loans,investment and insurance products. Banking sector has improved greatly with competition from foreign players.
Speaking to a software manager of a prestigious IT company,who has more than 70 software engineers under her, I understood that very few of them,actually sought any financial advisers to help in their financial planning. Most were only spending on luxuries and latest gadgets. Salaries today are good, but one must learn how to manage their finances, and stay on top-inflation or otherwise. Students are only taught academics, but if they are also taught to be wise with money that they will earn in future, it is real education.
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naveen said...

The Indian Education System per say is regressive producing hoards of headless chickens who walk out of school into a pot boiler and end up being soup. Life skills are not seen as part of the basic curriculum and school children are still seen as a heard of mindless individuals who only need to be told what so called elders believe is best for them.

The awakening:
- Work towards relating life to kids in their own words.
- Building a safety net of giving them the freedom and the responsibility so that they have a self check mechanism.

Some schools like shree Ram and vasant Valley do have a bit of life skill training related to the course content, but it needs to be backed up at home. As parents we need to begin by being honest with our kids e.g. stop telling them the story about the stork that brought their baby brother from the clouds. If it has to be told it has to be accurate realistic and leave no scope for kids to try and find out for themselves, which may just turn out to be the wrong way.