28 May 2008


Schoolbags are packed to the limit as students begin their classes for the new academic year. Knowing which subjects they need more help with,according to their previous report card, their parents set about the business of finding a good tutor for the particular subject. Some parents want an overall better performance in the next exams and so, require a tutor who teaches all subjects. Evening time is adjusted to fit in tennis,swimming,basketball,music,karate and of course, tuitions. Parents are generally a busy lot these days and want the best for their children-money no bar. Some students even have two tuitions,for different subjects.
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Tutorials cost much less compared to a home tutor that teaches one on one.
Online tutors are the latest breed and most are attached to some agency. Some, of course, are happy freelancing both offline and online, like myself.
Even these tutor sessions have come of age. They are no longer boring. PowerPoint presentations are used, educational videos shown, online vocabulary lists and math problems are generated according to academic level. Multimedia presentations to show various processes are a big hit with the students.
So,choose your tutor with care! A quality tutor who helps your child in organizing his time,books and himself in addition to developing a study pattern is well worth it.

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