27 May 2008


Choosing the right language to study as a 2nd language in school can be a daunting task.Some students have no qualms about taking up what their parents suggest, still others find it difficult after 2 or 3 years of study,especially in high school when grades begin to dip and the average marks also comes down. A skilled teacher who is native to the language being taught,is essential for every student.
Be it French,Spanish,Kannada,Hindi or additional English, a good syllabus and a good teacher can help immensely with not just the prescribed textbook, but also reading, writing and speaking independently, the language in question, for years to come. After all communication skills are a necessity these days. But, the first step has to be, to have the desire to learn the new language. If the student does not want to learn and is being forced to learn a particular language,he will remain below average in that class.Peers also play a role here. And it remains the duty of the teacher or the tutor to make the classes interesting in additional enticing ways for the student to develop the deep desire to learn the language in question.
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