16 August 2010


Professional development for teachers is essential as the classroom is evolving into a paperless classroom. Use of laptops, and PowerPoint presentations are not enough to quench the curiosity of the students anymore. Students themselves are adept at using several online tools and that teachers must make an effort to find newer ways of teaching and engage their students in challenging ways. Methods to create online projects with videos, podcasts, blogs are becoming increasingly popular among students of all age groups. But the teachers need to be up to the mark and learn to use innovative ways to enhance their teaching. Some schools offer professional development for their existing teachers but if you would like to learn at your own pace and use your own ideas, there are several teachers who have begun using the web 2.0 tools in their classroom for a couple of years or more -and with resounding success. Most of them have their own edublogs and classroom blogs, which are a wealth of information for any teacher wanting to learn to use the right tools for her or his classroom. Some are Google certified teachers and are adept at using all Google tools and social media with their students. You would do well to Follow some of these blogs on education and begin to use some of the tools in your own classroom. If you have a query, dropping an email to any of them or leaving a comment on their blogs will help them address your issue and you will find it a rewarding experience.
Mark Barnes' is a teacher who has some interesting video tutorials on the use of web 2.0 tools on his website, and he calls it," learn it in 5", meaning you learn to use a new tool in precisely 5 minutes.

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