26 July 2010


Are you a teacher who is looking for a podcasting tool and do not know where to look? Or are you looking to enhance your class blg with some excellent photographs? Perhaps you know how you can use videos for your students but would like to create some using free tools. Maybe you need to see what technology in the classroom is all about? And are worried about internet safety for your students. Students likewise are wondering which tool to use in file sharing or making a movie for their next project which will get them better grades and will definitely impress their friends and will make it to their next school bulletin. Whatever your need, the web is the answer and clearly there are far more tools available FREE on the internet than we know about and newer versions and more easy to use tools are constantly being added. It pays to be in touch with like minded educators from around the globe who are also increasingly using such tools to enhance their teaching and find their students being more engaged in the classroom than ever before.And teachers and students alike are able to collaborate on vast resources available on the net and create blogs, wikis, videos, podcasts and presentations among others for others to learn and use as well. If you are a newbie @ using technology in the classroom or need some tips or tutorials on how to use certain tools or you happen to know some tools but would like to know if there are other easier to use tools at helping you create what you want or some tolls that help specifically with a particular younger age group, the following would be helpful.
And of course, this blog has some great resources as well for your use.
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