20 April 2010

Google Resource Materials For Teachers

Google Apps In Education as already discussed in a previous post is a very useful set of tools that can be helpful in the classroom. More tools are available for FREE from Google such as Wave, Sketch up, Maps, Earth,Reader, Notebook, Knol, Picasa,Groups which can be comfortably used by students of Middle and High schools for their projects and classroom activities. Club and extra curricular activities can also be taken online with these tools. The teacher should be able to guide her/his students to maximize use of technology in the classroom to facilitate better learning. After all, these GenX students are mostly online anyway. They just need to be channelized in the right direction to be more creative in their online experience-one that improves learning,and helps assimilate knowledge,and of course, prepares them for newer technology as it arrives. Teachers need to keep themselves update with the latest in technology and their use in the classroom. Google conducts workshops for teachers @ the Google Teacher Academy and certifies them as Google Certified Teachers.
Materials used in the Google Teacher Academy for use of Google Tools mentioned above in education.
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