21 April 2010

Free Software To Create Podcasts

Educators can choose to create a series of pod casts for their students to listen to them while commuting. Innovative teachers give their students time to listen in on a particular topic and be ready to take part in a challenging discussion on reaching class. Students that missed out on a particular class can always listen on their mp3 players and be updated. Finding a method to podcast is what deters some teachers. A free software such as audacity can be used to create excellent podcasts. gives a step by step tutorial for a newbie, right from downloading and installing audacity to its use in creating the perfect podcast. A free LAME encoder to export MP3 files with Audacity is to be also downloaded and installed. Audacity can be used for a number of other useful educational material. This audio editing software can be utilized in creating audio books for different age groups. Courses for Conversational classes in a foreign language can be structured. Educational Audio CD's can be burned.
Audacity Wiki Tutorials can be doubly handy for a newbie. Podcasting with audacity is a breeze with this wiki. Investing in a good microphone is necessary to create excellent podcasts.

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