18 March 2009


English spellings need to be perfected whether you are in elementary school or getting acquainted with the vocabulary skills for a test such as SAT,TOEFL.You need grammar to speak English well. And the basics of grammar can be taught once you master spelling.To write excellent English,you must have good punctuation,spelling and grammar.

Tedco software has an excellent spelling software that can be downloaded to any computer with a 30 day free trial offer.
Anyone learning to read and write English will find this useful. Practicing English spellings can be a bore for some elementary school children.Teachers may not be able to give individual attention to every child in class.Parents are often left to assist their children in learning spelling lists sent home every week.Mastering spelling lists for a lifetime just got easier.

is a new and fun way to enhance learning spellings and can be of great benefit.The publisher claims,"SpellQuizzer helps students master their spelling words fast. The software helps the student practice his or her spelling words by quizzing them on their spelling words using audio prompts. The parent, teacher or student can input the words for each list making a sound recording of each word. SpellQuizzer then quizzes the student on each word correcting them when they make a mistake."
Spelling lists are available for download.There is even a special spelling section for homeschoolers to download.

Having a fun filled interactive homework session in front of the home computer would engage a homeschooler or elementary schooler to learn spellings more effectively. An excellent resource for parents, teachers, and home schoolers,guaranteed to help any student master their weekly spelling lists in time for their end of week test.

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