16 March 2009


Students need to engage in activity other than just surfing the net or playing video games.A wise parent helps nurture any inherent talent that the child possesses by providing a good coach/tutor and making sure a timetable is set for the activity/activities each week.I met the father of an engineering student yesterday who told me that he had just bought his son an electric guitar simply because he played the regular guitar well and was brilliant in studies.Now, he was the apple of his father's eye playing the guitar for the youth group at church.
Students perform well at academics when given the chance to engage in hobbies and creative pursuits and their talents are showcased.A well rounded personality is developed when they take up sports,literary pursuits,art,music,or simply develop a reading habit.Schools encourage such extra curricular activities,but it takes a parents keen eye to make sure that the particular activity that their child is extremely interested in pursuing, should be taken to higher levels with extra coaching.
A word of caution,here to parents who are overindulgent! Some parents want to engage their children the whole afterhours at school with activities ranging from swimming and music lessons to yoga and drama.And their argument is that they never got the chance to learn and that they want to provide the best for their children.But,the child only develops fatigue and a disinterest in everything including studies.It is imperative that a couple of activities should be chosen which the child is passionate about and not just because his friends are engaged in it.
Some art sites for students that I found interesting are here.

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