24 February 2009


Exams being round the corner for most,I see many mothers more concerned about their children's performances than the children themselves.The happy go lucky attitude of the students can sometimes be misconstrued as "careless","not bothered",,etc.,...while the parents feel that they have done all they can in putting their children in good schools and colleges and also got them the best home tutor around.Tutorials obviously flourish because of the attitude of parents that they did not get the best and so they want their children to be given the best in education and everything else.They fail to understand why the marks are still not up to the mark.In the face of competition,every teacher and parent emphasize the need to score a 100%,not even 99.9%.
So,what does the harassed student do?Parents and teachers have the eternal bad habit of comparing a student with his siblings or peers saying,"Why can't you score like that?"
Every student is unique!The ability to grasp quickly,or understanding the concepts of math and science is different for everyone.A variety of factors come into play for this,most important among these being the genes inherited and proper nutrition in addition to a positive and healthy environment in which to study.
Parents and students have many questions regarding exams,revision,and methods of study.Many valuable suggestions in the form of videos are found here on videojug!
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