21 August 2008


Learning can be great fun if students find the right tools(websites) to use for free.Teachers ought to keep finding a variety of tools to be used in the classroom and for projects given.Students love computers and the internet and as most parents will confirm,their children play games on the computer for hours on end.All we have to do is guide them to the right free tools for the various learning issues or needs,and we will see a definite improvement in grades as well as an improved awareness in the surrounding and the world.
An excellent presentation is presented here that showcases all websites that are FREE and can enhance learning at any stage.
101 Free Learning Tools
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Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Hi Esther Shamsunder,

Thanks for sharing '101 Free Learning Tools' with your readers. Hopefully they will find something new and useful there to facilitate learning.

Also, you have a great blog going on here. Congratulations, please keep it up :)

Have a great day Learning :)

Warm Regards,