22 August 2008


Photography can be used in learning.A picture speaks a thousand words.Schools have photography as a hobby subject to take up these days. And the takers are many.Special needs children and slow learners,beginners all need pictures for effective learning.All excellent presentations have photos or pictures or videos in them.New languages are learnt much faster when photos are used.Quite simply,visual learning or use of multimedia is far more interesting than "learning by rote" or only from the textbook.A teacher can get the attention of her students and keep it while teaching,if she uses visuals to support her lesson.
To be a photojournalist requires one to be a compelling story teller.A photo has to capture the emotion of the moment for it to be effective.Listen to a talk by Davis Griffin,the photo director of National Geographic,enumerating what is required of a photojournalist to connect with the world.Very very interesting,specially if you have a project covering subjects from environmental science,or geography.My 8 th grade student has to do a presentation on Project Tiger and he is making good use of his camera to get him excellent grades this term.

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