06 May 2008


How much time does a working mother spend with her children on an average? This news item caught my attention since recently another survey conducted among the under 35 working women stated that most preferred career progress to having children. Today's woman certainly is more intelligent and is very much in control of who she is and what she can be. She is definitely economically independent and likes to live life on her own terms. Men think that women should be full time homemakers or work part time to take care of the kids. But, women do not want to stay home. Career is most important to them, although they feel very guilty about it, especially when the kids are ill or are at home for holidays. A school principal says that one of their students told her that he gets to speak to his other only on the ride to school every morning,since she is a doctor and is always very busy. Some mothers are lucky to have a mother or motherinlaw over, in times of need. Some trust their maid entirely to bring up their children. Still others engage governesses. Being nuclear families has its share of problems such as these. It is understandable when the principal of a reputed school says that children whose parents do not have time for them are the ones that have attitude problems and behavioural problems in addition to being either pushy or withdrawn. Not doing well in academics is common among such children. So, coming to the survey that was conducted among children and how much time their working mothers actually spent with them on an average was only 30 minutes. Now, is that some food for thought?

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