17 May 2008


As my daughter and I went for our morning walk,we spotted two men and one woman,all in their early 20's, seated outside the English Center on RT Nagar Main Road this morning,waiting for the doors to open.It was only 6.30 AM and they had their English books in hand. A couple of buildings away, The Veta English center also had a couple of students waiting.There are several English Institutes along this road and believe me all their batches are usually full. You have to book in advance if you want a particular time slot. Many of these are in their early 20's, some are foreigners and some want to be fluent in the language while others want a proper hang of the grammar.
Open any newspaper and you will see a whole half page dedicated to call center training and speak English classes. Surely, all the students coming here have had their medium of instruction as English in schools and colleges, still they require either fluency or correction of grammatical mistakes,some need correction with use of right vocabulary and of course, all need confidence in speaking the language. Basic conversation, facing interviews, communicating with others, and being confident is what these aspire for. Todays jobs in the call center industry, BPO's,medical transcription,legal transcription, technical writing, all call for a high standard of English. The hospitality, tourism and aviation and several other service industries demand a high level of proficiency in the English language,both written and spoken. Knowledge of basic computers and the internet is also mandatory.
So much so, several companies have inhouse English trainers for voice and accent training especially in the BPO's. Soft skills are also being imparted to prepare employees for a global environment.

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