11 March 2008


Hindi is the national language of India. Hindi is spoken by a vast majority of Indians although there are a number of languages and an even more number of dialects. South India has its own languages that are totally different from hindi, yet most people understand the language since it is taught in schools and colleges. Most are adept at speaking more than one language since they travel outside their home state, have friends and colleagues who are from a different region and hence learn to speak a different language. English is spoken by many in the big cities and tourist spots.
Learning Hindi online is sure easy these days. I have been teaching for many years now and my mother used to teach in a well known Bangalore school for 26 years.
Some links are below that will certainly help in learning.


Learn Hindi Fluency
Alphabet,script and the pronunciation,some vocabulary
Hindi alphabets and pronunciation
Hindi Flashcards
More online resources1
More online resources2
Learn Hindi through English
Virtual Hindi

Hindi for NRI Kids via Skype
Learn Spoken Hindi via Skype 
If you are interested in a daily podcast teaching you hindi conversations, log into Ispeakhindi

A great way to imbibe the hindi language is to watch a couple of Bollywood films. Entertaining, but certainly effective in learning some vocabulary and its usage.

Bollywood Masala

You may also watch animated videos of short stories like Akbar and Birbal. Children love the video, get some moral and learn the hindi language fast.

Akbar and Birbal

Panchatantra stories

Check out more animated hindi stories at my youtube channel for education

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