09 February 2012

How Students Can Deal Effectively With Learning Challenges

The right to education is the most important for any person. Good academic credentials are a passport to good careers and great living. It is necessary for every parent to educate their children at home and admit them to good schools. And those that did not get the chance as a child can educate themselves in the field of their choice. A means to better livelihood is assured once educated.
It is true that for a human being to perform well in any activity, he must first be physically and mentally able. So also in the case of learners of any age group. Some students are classified as slow learners, some with low IQ, and some plain lazy. There is also a category where a student who does very well and gets good grades suddenly experiences difficulties and finds it challenging to match up to his former grades. It could be due to an illness or mental fatigue. Or it could simply be that the student is pressurized to perform better. Sometimes a learner might put in hours of hard work with not much memory retention. There could be other causes too that hamper a student's progress. Students seeking help with their cognitive, social, emotional and academic challenges can turn to an experienced jungian psychoanalyst for analysis and treatment. Jungian analysis followed by jungian psychotherapy  will help a student regain a hold of himself and perform optimally once again. 

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