17 December 2011

Turn Star Gazing Into A Hobby

Watching the sky on clear nights can be so enchanting.Whatever part of the world you happen to be in, the sky is interesting for us, whether you are an astronomer, a scientist, a student or plain star gazer like me. Regular visits to the planetarium and watching the night sky through a telescope become part of your life. Or you can opt for an amateur telescope which will give you hours of enchantment. 
The solar system keeps changing and is fun to watch all the milestones, eclipses, star bursts,shooting stars, constellations, sun spots, whew, it's a whole world out there. Millions of galaxies to enthrall you and enchant with their live show. Some such as Haley's comet, will be seen only once during your lifetime. Mounting a telescope on your terrace at home, can provide you with hours of excitement. People in the Arctic and Antarctic regions can watch the Northern Lights and Southern Lights without a telescope, but the rest of the clear nights can enthrall you.
If you are looking for a telescope on sale, make sure you first know what you are going to use it for, and then make your purchase. As there are many types of telescope available, choosing the right one can be daunting. You need to know whether you want to use the telescope for observing moon and planets only or the distant galaxies and star clusters. You can also choose a telescope that allows you to check out the boats on water, birds and wildlife plus observe the night sky.

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